The children looking after the radish seeds they have planted...

The city of Cannes is making an 800 m2 plot of land available to residents of the town and the VALLERGUES neighbourhood. The VALLERGUES garden has a beehive and a henhouse. The plot is managed by ATELIER du Zéro Six.


A local garden, open to the neighbourhood, planted and maintained collectively by local residents and partners. Participants are helped by a professional gardener.


A site dedicated to introducing young people to nature and protecting the environment. Young people are welcomed and supported in their efforts to learn and become independent.


The garden helps to preserve the biodiversity of cultivated plants (fruit, flowers and vegetables) by enabling the children in the garden to expand their knowledge and culture. 

The Vallergues shared garden is a garden created and managed collectively, with the aim of developing local social links. It is a support for solidarity and a place for local intergenerational life by forging links with other structures (associations, schools, social centres, etc.).